Designer Erie Murakami
Personal History

1965 Born in Hiroshima
1985 After graduation from the college,
joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
and engaged in the development of vehicle design at the department of the vehicle engineering for 6 years.
1993 Learnt about Interior Design.
1999 Took charge of the planning for lighting for stores and facilities at Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.
Engaged in the projects of lightning planning in Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. for 6 years.
2006 Launched own office.

Chosen as one of the capable designers to exhibit Playful Sprit Chair at Tokyo Designers Week.
2007 Chosen as one of the capable designers to exhibit Playful Sprit Variety Sundries at Tokyo Designers Week.
2008 Established Beautrise. Co.,Ltd.

Took charge of creating the furniture design in the furniture maker and exhibited own works to the design events.

Experienced and dedicated in apparel business for several years to seek the attractive total design of clothing food and housing.
2011 January Exhibiting own collections at the Creator’s Village in the JFW International Fashion Fair - one of the largest fashion trade shows in Asia which is a place for fashion and business to come together.
February Exhibiting own collections for the Exchanged Program of CPH Vision in Copenhagen, Denmark. ( Chosen as the exhibitor among many applicants in Japan.)
# CPH Vision []

Things I found in Copenhagen

Concept of Beautrise

I have been working to create the design whose concept is ” Energetic women and children change the world. “

Women can find joy in the small things. They can be excited for many things and love to be thrilled.
Children are honest. They express emotions by their bodies. When they are happy, you can see it obviously.

I hope my designs make you thrilled and happy.

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